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The Amazing – Mad Honey

Very high nutrition and medicinal effect which is found nowhere around the world.

Yarchagumba – The Gold Rush

The fungus mushroom has been found to be effective in curing lots of illnesses including coughing, allergy, liver, lung, kidney and sexual dysfunction.

Yarchagumba – Herbal Tea

Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the most valuable medicinal herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Saffron – The Priceless Spice

Modern research suggests that saffron can be used to protects against cancer, promotes learning and memory retention, to increase vitality, protection against cold and many more.


Shilajit is a mineralized exudate that permeates from mountainous rock formations high up in the Himalayas after the rocks are heated up by the sun during the summer months.

Triphala – The Detoxifying Go-To Main Remover of Disease

Ayurvedic medicine views Triphala as a nourishing supplement known for its ability to rejuvenate healthy tissues, allowing one to age gracefully.